Anyone tried open source EAs?

Lots of open source experts on the MT5 community but being open source not sure how they perform… anyone ever tried them?

haven’t tried MT5 ones. Did play around with some of the MT4 ones awhile back. Performance is hit or miss. You try any?

I’m supportive of open source EA’s. I’m planning on making all my EA’s open source soon.
Your never going to get great performance from just one algorithm anyway. You really need to build a portfolio of complementary algorithms that work well under different market conditions. Therefore making EA’s open source help retail traders build up their portfolios without having to dedicate years to algo development.


That’s a good point, I’ve tested a few but never together as a system. Would be very interested in seeing yours once you release them, @QuantBlack

Just uploaded my first open source EA but will add more in the near future.

This one is just a trading tool for MT4 to make it easy to see how much a trade will profit or lose, before you place the trade, based on the setup you have entered. You can also drag your profit target and stop loss around the chart and it will execute the trade entering these targets and stops with the order automatically.

Here is the link.

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Thanks for sharing, @QuantBlack!

Just uploaded my Doji Coaster EA as well if anyone likes trading the doji.
My initial research on the doji showed some positive results for this trading signal.

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