Automated trading strategy files available for free download

Download some custom automated trading strategies built for the Trading Station platform! We have made the following strategies available for free download:

  • EMA pullback
  • Bitcoin breakout strategy
  • Breakout strategy with smart stops
  • CCI Stack range with 3 EMA filter
  • Fractal MA pullback
  • MACD with MA filter
  • RSI trend trader
  • Stochastic during Asia

Click here to find the lua files for each of these strategies:

To download and install to trading station:

  1. Click on the strategy you want to install
  2. Click ‘raw’, then copy all
  3. Paste your clipboard into a notepad file and save it as StrategyName.lua
  4. Then, click and drag the saved file onto Trading Station. It should ask if you want to install the extension:

Then, go to alerts and trading automation and find your newly installed strategy, set your parameters, and click OK to start the strategy:

Before running the strategy live, it’s always a good idea to backtest and optimize your strategy. We created the framework for the strategies, but it’s up to you to find the combination of parameters that gives you an edge. Click the backtest and optimize buttons on your platform to start testing the strategy using various parameters:

*(If you need to download Trading Station, click here.)