Course: Crypto Trading (intermediate) by Quantra

This new course by Quantra begins by covering the basics of cryptocurrencies as well as how to choose wallets and exchanges to trade them.The last section of the course will teach you the strategies below and include the downloadable code so you can apply to your trading today.

Follow along and you will learn THREE crypto strategies

  • Code and backtest an Ichimoku Cloud strategy
  • Create a day of the week strategy and backtest it
  • Trade the divergence between RSI and price series and the risks associated with intraday trading using AROON indicator


Once you’ve mastered the intermediate course, check out the advanced course in this series by Quantra:

This one goes into more advanced topics like creating a k-means algorithm and using the Hurst exponent to time entry points. It comes with downloadable Python code for the strategy framework as well.

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