Cryptos and algos

With BTC not seeing the same level of vol as we enjoyed last year, curious for thoughts or opinions on some strategies that work well?

Also - anyone have a review of the different exchanges worth connecting to? Thinking of Binance’s REST…

Hey windowblinds,

When market volatility is down, that’s typically the time when range strategies work better (buying weakness and selling strength). Looking to trade price bouncing off support/resistance rather than looking to trade price breaking out. Be cautious, however, cryptocurrency volatility can turn on a dime. I would recommend paying close attention to your trades even when your trading is completely automated.

Regarding cryptocurrency exchanges, it really depends on what you are looking to accomplish. If you are looking to invest and hold actual coins while also trading them, a real crypto exchange (like Binance) might be your best bet. If you are less interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and more want to trade/speculate, then crypto-based futures or CFDs might be better. One advantage of trading Bitcoin futures or CFDs is the ability to trade both long and short. This is the case for Bitcoin CFD trading with FXCM which also offers Rest API trading.

Yeah…I don’t think TA is as effective in the crypto world…

That’s a good question @windowblinds, as far as trading ideas, TradingView has some setup ideas:

Also on another note, I just found this article posted yesterday that goes over the fastest cryptocurrency exchanges:
If you are looking for a review of different exchanges, this has a lot of interesting information. I would be curious to hear your thoughts!