Resources required for running rest api

Hi @QN_Liza
I hav a python script which is integrated with the rest api using a few strategies that keeps freezing my laptop. Wondering what the minimum system resources required are for running these programs ?

Hi @Femi.lewis, a couple things could be contributing, but one thing to consider would be how much data your program is pulling from the servers. If you are subscribing to many currencies at the same time your network may not fast enough to consume the data which would cause the freeze.
In terms of hardware, while many strategies can be run on a basic laptop, the more processors your machine has the better especially if the program is more complex.

Thanks @QN_Liza i think you may hit nail on the head… iam pulling about 7 currencies at sametime so maybe thats causing the problems
Wondering maybe a staggered approach with a delay between each subscription??

That could definitely be it. You could try adding a delay or if you are using wifi or a hotspot, I would recommend a wired internet connection for best results.