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I am trying to write an code to stream the market data (ex: EUR/USD) from FXCM in a chart using Python (Jupyter Notebook or PyCharm).

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Hi Matthias,

If you are using Python you can stream live data using our python wrapper, fxcmpy. The full guide for fxcmpy can be found here, but here’s a basic function for pulling live data for EURUSD into a pandas dataframe:


To create an iterable object, use the following commands:
def print_data(data, dataframe):
print(’%3d | %s | %s, %s, %s, %s, %s’
% (len(dataframe), data[‘Symbol’],
pd.to_datetime(int(data[‘Updated’]), unit=‘ms’),
data[‘Rates’][0], data[‘Rates’][1], data[‘Rates’][2],
con.subscribe_market_data(‘EUR/USD’, (print_data,))

For creating candlestick charts, I’ve seen a few people post about Bokeh, but haven’t had a chance to try it myself yet. Here’s an example from their documentation using MSFT stock data:

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