Streaming plot - What is plyst, where to find it?

Dear all,

I watched the webinars of Yves Hilpisch, and in the webinar #2, for the stream plot, Yves imports a library:
import plyst.
In the video, this compiles without any problem.
However, when I do the same, I have the error that the module does not exist.
making “pip install plyst” leads to the error message that there is no such distribution available.
Making a search on “plyst” leads me to nowhere.
Would someone be so kind to tell me what plyst is and where I can get it?
Kind regards

Hi @ViennaSand, plyst is a custom library Yves created for personal use and has not made public. Apologies for the confusion!

Yeah! I was suspecting something like that. I am glad I asked, I won’t waste time looking for it now.

Thanks a lot for the answer!

All the best :slight_smile:

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